Time Snatcher

I love working on shows! I love the people I get to be around. I love spending six of my seven week days dedicated to one vision. I love the research and the rendering and the sewing but it is a time suck. 

One thing is for sure, I do not miss the seemingly endless nights and the nightmares of not finishing in time. I dedicate myself to my shows and things like school get pushed aside. Now that is not saying I do not do well in school, I still get my homework done and

Baptist Wife

pass with an A or B average but I would rather be sewing.

When I do have a show going on I have NO time for sewing. I don’t get to sit down at my machine and sew because I can, not because I have to to meet a show deadline. And when I do have free time, I would rather draw or watch a movie than sew because it reminds me of all the work yet to do.

My high school’s fall play just concluded and I am onto the next show.  My 3-9pm days have been exchanged for 3-5pm and Instead of making everything I now get to be a supervisor. I now actually have time to do homework.

But I do miss the people and the feeling of completely a step to make a show come together.


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