So Many Wigs, So Little Time


Shopping for wigs can be overwhelming when you are faced with a giant wall of them. But it’s just a wall and can easily be concurred with a little bit of effort and knowledge.

First things first, have a price point. Go in with a rough I deal of what you want to pay but make sure it is accurate for the quality you are expecting. Online shops specializing in wigs are great and range in prices and Amazon is awesome if you need one quick and cheap, just make sure to read the reviews and check out any photos if people have posted any. If you focus on one character cater or outfit you want to wear a handful of times, be willing to put a little more money into it.

davidcohen-172050-unsplashWhat if you are buying at a store and still don’t know what to do? Use the actual store as your first indicator. Are the wigs locked up? Do they have devices on the rack to keep you from just tasking a wig? Do they ask you to ask for help when acquiring a wig? These are good signs, yes inconvenient, but show they take care of their stock and don’t want people handling and then putting back wigs.

So you found a store you like but are once again lost. look at the packaging of the wigs. Wigs in  boxes or hard plastic shells show better quality than just any clear plastic bag with black snaps. These bags allow wigs too get smashed while the boxes help to act as a shield for the wigs structure. Some bags might be in the flimsy plastic but have a cardboard ring around the outside. Though these are not at good as boxes, they still show a company put extra effort into protecting a wig. Also make sure to recognize brands you like so even if a wig might not be in the best packaging you know the wig itself is a good quality.

paolo-nicolello-622125-unsplashOnce you have found the wig you need, ask if you can open it up and look at it. A wig in a box in way different than one out. Make the buns are uneven or don’t sit correctly on your head. Maybe the netting doesn’t fit your head or is too itchy. There

are tons of thing that you might not like about a wig that you couldn’t tell when is was in its packaging, but once you fond one you love you will want to wear it out of the store.

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