Halloween Stores: Are they worth the trip


Halloween is right around the corner literally. With so many pop up halloween stores it is so easy to find a costume, but is it really worth the time and money to buy one from Spirit. Though I am an avid halloween store goer and love a trip to Party City, I know what I should get and what to stay away from.


Now the world of SFX makeup is large and vast. Youtube can really help narrow Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.07.28 AMdown what you need for specific look and most of the time you will want to avoid the halloween store all together. Things like latex and grease paint are sometimes available at the store and sometimes not and the quality is questionable. the paints have a really hard time drying and if they do the crack easily, just go buy water activated body paint off Amazon where you will have a wider range of hues and shades. Their prosthetics are often really hard and don’t allow them for form to your face more meaning the tiny amount of Spirit Gum included will not cut. Now there are a few products that I love and go to Party City for year round and that is Tinsley Transfers. These look great and are so easy to use. Sadly they are a one time use but I believe they are well worth the price.


44674162_2327400203968866_2071615460192813056_nThough a halloween store can be great for some costumes, they are usually poorly made and not worth the price. Also, if you are someone like me, they tend to not be accurate to actual characters. When I am paying upwards of $90 I hope they are accurate. That being said, they can be good starting points but once again that price seems steep for me to just spend more on bettering it. I do get good ideas on costumes for me to make based off of what professionals think are on trend and some are worth the price but check online first at places like Etsy and support small designers that will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.


-Check online at places like Etsy or amazon seeing if things are cheaper or better Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.07.14 AMquality

-Choose if you want quality or a better price this make choices on what to buy way easier

-Make a list of exactly what you need so you go into a store with a purpose

-BUDGET, make a price point you will not exceed so you know just how much a costume means to you

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