How I Store My Costumes

When you have many a costume it can get kinda hectic to store them all. I have tried tons of different ways before I found What worked for me, so keep trying until you find what you like. To get those gears turning I am going to share with you what ways I have tried to store and organize my costumes. 

The first way I tried was with plastic tubs. I grouped my costumes into categories like raymond-rasmusson-687247-unsplashcomic book characters, Disney, horror, so on so forth and put them into separate tubs. To this day I still use this process for certain costumes if they are completely finished and not used as much.  This also works well with wigs if you use smaller bins and store them on a self. That being said I didn’t care for this way because I felt that it Took up more room than it needed to and I had a hard time finding what exactly I wanted.annie-spratt-130809-unsplash


Next I tried using and extra closet and folding all the pieces and storing them once again into the previous category. Then by color and lastly by the amount they are used. I liked this way less than the storage bins and lost a bunch of items to the dark abyss that is the back of the closet.

Maybe if I hang up the clothes it will be better? No once again there was a lot of space being taken up and I found it harder to keep pieces together. My costumes in progress often got forgotten about until I accidentally found them again.


So what do I do now? A combination of the three, with some more improvements. I useadrienne-leonard-605606-unsplash tubs to organize old cosplays or ones that are made for friends that do not get worn that much. Costumes that I spent more time on or wrinkle easy get hung up in the closet and costumes that get worn a lot or are still in progress get put of a rack near my sewing table. Things like wigs are on heads oboe this shelf and stockings or socks are organized in small bins below this rack. My shoes have their own shoe organizer in the closet so that I can always find what I am looking for.

Of course this is what works for me but feel free to try your own thing. I know many people that enjoy the tub system and there are more ways of organization than I have tried so I would love to hear suggestions.

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