My Thoughts on Patterns


When you first start to sew, patterns can be a great tool! For me, I have never care for them, which is ironic since I have selfs filled with them. 

I did try to start with patterns and my mother, who taught me to sew, still uses them volha-flaxeco-552392-unsplashtoday.

For things like capes and certain jackets I do use a pattern to makes sure I have panels correct because they can become weird looking really quickly. Other things like one pieces I developed my own pattern for and keep it in an envelope labeled who I made it for and the size. But if it is a large pattern, I don’t have a vary large area to lay out fabric.

My preferred way of figuring out sillouets is with draping, but this is not a great way to save on fabric since I often cut way too much. I like how this allows me to play with the fabric and often I do something with the fabric that I never thought of. These could include darting in a different place or a pleat going inward instead of out.

fancycrave-254180-unsplashI keep all of those extra patterns around and never say no to someone giving me any because I know if I am at all stuck during a project, I can look at a pattern for inspiration or ideas of what to do next.

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