My thoughts on Tattoos and Cosplay

A big question in cosplay is “Should I cover up my tattoos?” Today I will talk about I personally feel about people and their tattoo while in cosplay.

First off, I believe that if someone wants to show their tattoos or not during cosplay should be up to them and once they find something they like they should not feel pressured by others to to the opposite. Personaly I think it depends on the type of cosplay you are doing. I do not have any tattoo currently but I will in the future, so my open ion might change.

If it is a realistic cosplay(which are my most common type) I prefer to cover up the tattoos. Sometimes this can be achieved with the clothing and sometimes with makeup. I plan on writing post on how to use makeup for this in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. 

Some realistic cosplays still fit the idea of tattoos though. If one was to do a Chloe Price cosplay it doesn’t appear out of place for an extra tattoo or two since she is a tattooed character. A Cinderella with an arm piece, though that sounds awesome, can seem out of place. 

On the other hand have seen some people put a spin on characters where it makes sense to not cover up their artwork. I find these really cool that they are able to include two things they love. Supermaryface (right) had just gotten her leg tattoo when she did a punk Snow White wear she added other tattoos toot the “new” character.

Most importantly, do what you want.  IF your tattoos are who you are and you feel that covering them up is not for you then show off ink. Be the sleeved Cinderella. 

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