Does Con-Crunch Exist?

In a world where everyone is running from one thing to the next, it is no surprise that hobbies such as cosplay get pushed to the side. You have a convention tomorrow and that cosplay that has been hanging in your closet is half finished. Welcome to con-crunch!

I myself have done this many a times and when I was asked it existed I never answered yes so confidently. The question that followed though made me think a little more, if it seems so stressful why do people do it? Too this I could only think of the response of time. There enough time in the day so dedicate to costuming when you have a job or schooling. But cosplay is not like exercising it shouldn’t be seen as a chore. 

Then the idea of procrastination came to mind. How many times have you said, “oh I have a month until this event,” but then then a month passes and you are now met with a tight deadline. I have had to put things I really wanted to do to the side so that I could get other peoples costumes done and then I was left with no new cosplays for myself. 

Of course this sucks, so what can someone do to avoid con-crunch? Planning! Every Sunday I sit down and plan my week, sometimes almost minute to minute. This allows me to see what free time I have left to fill with friends and my own cosplay making. Might I recommend combing the time you spend with friends with cosplay making and you would be surprised how much you can get done on an costume while binge watching a Netflix original.

When it comes down to it, you have to have the passion and dedication to work cosplay into your life. If you don’t have the time but still want to do cosplay, then that is a perfect example of when buying a cosplay from a local or small business that you know will make something you will love is a good idea.

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