Where Have I Been

This summer has been full of surprises. I worked really hard to have blog posts lined up to come out every Monday but as you can see, that did not happen. Some agreements and terms changed for the site and since I planned ahead for posts and was busy working on costumes, I did not have time to log on to make sure everything was posting correctly. I have learned from this mistake and will definatley keep a closer eye on posts. That being said, some posts are still saved and some were lost. These next couple days I am hoping to rewrite some of them and push them out in the coming weeks.

Putting the past behind me, I do have school slowly aproaching; which means theatre, in a full on sprint, is also coming to greet me. It will be a new expirence for me juggling theatre, school, work, workouts, and what I call a social life since I have never had to handle all of these thing at the same time. If you know me, you probably know I am a person that plans their day to the minute and thrives on a schedule. These next two weeks I am going to prove to myself I am capable of suceeding in all of these ascpets in my life.

Keep your eye out for the new uploads that I hope will still seem relevent.

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